Reasons why is it Important to Develop your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

The pillar to develop and enhance your personal brand on LinkedIn is to have a professional positioning strategy, create valuable content and develop a network of target contacts.

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Your personal brand is important because it says who you are and what you do. The reality is that all brands and everyone wants to be seen. Therefore, the best way to get noticed is through the internet, but especially through social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The latter is one of the best social networks for companies and professionals, not only to establish relationships with potential customers, but also to promote your personal brand.

One might think that since it is a professional social network, content abounds, as each user posts their knowledge. However, only 2% of LinkedIn users create content.

In Argentina, around 10,000 users create valuable content, which are rewarded with interactions. But, a smaller portion of this fraction would be able to enhance their personal brand, generate potential customers, business opportunities and personal development. If you want to be one of those professional users who want to stand out on LinkedIn, either for your career, knowledge or business, get started! What are you waiting for?

“Not to lose sight of the fact that, in terms of attention, LinkedIn also competes with Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.”

Ariel Benedetti; Growth Marketing y Employee Advocacy | Business Consultant

That is why LinkedIn seeks not only that the user has contacts but also followers in nurturing valuable content.

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Benefits of using LinkedIn for your personal brand

LinkedIn is a very effective tool that helps your brand grow, be known and promoted. The more visibility you have on LinkedIn, the more people will know who you are and the positive impact it can have on your work life.

For example, the more contacts you have, the greater the possibility of generating leads. What happens with this? The generation of leads can turn into potential customers and even business, from this, is where both your brand and companies move forward and achieve success.

And you may be wondering, how do I use LinkedIn and generate leads at the same time? Well, here are some steps for you to consider:

  • Create a profile as complete as possible.
  • Become a member of groups that are of interest to you or that you share something in common.
  • Create relevant content for your network.
  • Share the content in the groups where you are.

The key is to interact with your followers, so you will show them not only what you sell, what you work on or what you specialize in, but also who you are as a brand.

4 types of content you can create for your personal brand

There are different strategies to highlight your personal brand. The most effective is to create content focusing on a topic that differentiates you, where thanks to it, you can be recognized and achieve authority as a specialist. How? There are several techniques and ways to inform, with images, texts, videos, links, PDF, articles, surveys and more.


This type of content seeks more likes, and are considered the “cringe” of the network. Such as banal surveys, playful but trivial content, polemic phrases, emotional low blows, etc.

These publications are considered with little intellectual development, which are a phenomenon of social networks such as Instagram and TikTok, now also occur in LinkedIn. What do they achieve? virality and attracting followers, but sometimes also puts at stake the personal reputation of the author.

Personal and introspective

Reflections, points of view, events or personal experiences are shared. Many users call it “Facebook style”, since it is a way of humanizing the network and, at the same time, it is a motivation for users to share personal content within the network.

The point is to determine what personal content you want to share on the network, but without losing sight of the professional focus! The goal here is to enhance your personal brand, take care of your reputation and stand out personally by adding value to the network. This requirement is not essential, but if you use it well, it can be useful to connect at deeper levels, since the limit remains with the consumer.


The focus here is on promoting products, services and offers. The problem is that many business executives or entrepreneurs make the mistake of saturating their contacts or followers with commercial content. Sometimes, these do not achieve interaction, reach and much less, sales or lead generation.

Here, you should apply the 9/1 rule, i.e., out of every 10 publications, only 1 should be of a commercial nature, only if necessary. Profiles that only publish commercial content have low influence, few interactions and little recognition.

Training and education

This type of content requires more creativity, resources, intellectual development and time investment. They have the premise of sharing knowledge tips, research results, papers, and others.

They are usually the ones with the highest professional value to build your personal brand, in order to boost business and careers. They will not always achieve virality, but they are the most effective for attracting and developing niche communities to deal with topics such as: digital marketing, social media, talent management, IT, etc.


Having a personal brand on LinkedIn is super important and it can be a good start to spread your professional activity. By generating a network of contacts according to your interests and creating content of high professional value to project your personal brand, the network can help you to become a high-ranking professional, to do influencer marketing and much more!

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